Book Your Travel to Kansas City

If you’re traveling to Kansas City, you can start booking your travel! We have secured a room block at the Marriott at 200 W. 12th Street in Kansas City, MO for a reduced rate of $139 per night. If you would like to reserve a room online, visit this site. Rooms must be booked by May 27th.

If you prefer booking your hotel reservations by phone, please use the following dedicated Group Reservations phone numbers in order book within the block:

Welcome to our Wedding Site

Hi There! If you’re here, you’re probably looking to find a bit of info about our wedding. You’ll notice that this site is currently still in development, but we’ve added Travel and Wedding Info for the many (almost all) of you that will be traveling to KC with us.


See these stairs? Walk up those stairs and through that door to celebrate with us at Boulevard Brewery!

Matthew is using our wedding as an opportunity to teach me some simple markup and HTML. He’s building some fancy new features like RSVPs and Maps, and I’ve gotta work on more details and registry info. Check back soon for updates.

We Finally Have Photos Together


Our lovely photographer Angie Harris captured some great moments with us over the holidays. This is our favorite. Come celebrate with us. Boulevard beers on tap at our Brewery reception.


No joke. Matthew traded me beers so I could have the IPA. How did I get into the hoppy beers? I blame you, Robert Bliss.


We played in the snow a bit so we could get some neat shots of Union Station and the KC skyline. Kansas City has gotten really cool! People will want to come here if we make it look appealing!


This was the moment we realized that people are going to know it is absolutely freezing in Kansas City, and no one will want to go there.


There are secret passages inside Union Station! You should check them out when you’re here!

New Year's Engagement Party


Matthew’s family joined us in Kansas City for a New Years Eve Engagement Party! We toasted with champagne and got to practice our cake cutting on a delicious cake covered in edible pictures of us.

M Family

We took Dave, Sheila, and Wesley to the Steamboat Arabia museum and perused frontier artifacts preserved in the muddy Missouri.


Matthew and his family got meet my whole family and some of our close family friends.

We got Engaged in NZ!

Image of us

Matthew and CJ both ventured to New Zealand with plans to propose, but Matthew found the perfect moment in a quiet clearing at the Wellington Botanical Gardens. We rode up to the gardens in the incredible Wellington Cable Car and looked over the city of Wellington all while Matthew hid a ring in his pocket.


Hiding a ring in one’s pocketses is nearly as interesting as hiding a small telescope in your purse during a 15 day trip. That’s what the other develish half of this duo did while waiting for a clear night in New Zealand.


Finally, CJ found her moment at the top of the Queenstown Gondola, and she asked Matthew to marry her (too) with the gift of a monocular which we used to get a closer look at the Southern Cross.


There is nothing quite like seeing a constellation for the first time. It’s only made better by sharing it with the one you love.


They’ll be getting married at Swope Memorial which is a little corner of Swope Park that reminds them more than a little of the quiet clearing where Matthew proposed on November 18th, 2014.