We got Engaged in NZ!

Image of us

Matthew and CJ both ventured to New Zealand with plans to propose, but Matthew found the perfect moment in a quiet clearing at the Wellington Botanical Gardens. We rode up to the gardens in the incredible Wellington Cable Car and looked over the city of Wellington all while Matthew hid a ring in his pocket.


Hiding a ring in one’s pocketses is nearly as interesting as hiding a small telescope in your purse during a 15 day trip. That’s what the other develish half of this duo did while waiting for a clear night in New Zealand.


Finally, CJ found her moment at the top of the Queenstown Gondola, and she asked Matthew to marry her (too) with the gift of a monocular which we used to get a closer look at the Southern Cross.


There is nothing quite like seeing a constellation for the first time. It’s only made better by sharing it with the one you love.


They’ll be getting married at Swope Memorial which is a little corner of Swope Park that reminds them more than a little of the quiet clearing where Matthew proposed on November 18th, 2014.